Skype Talks

Intimate + Interactive

Moderated By Richard Klagsbrun


As a unique feature of Dnext., we will be offering exclusive Skype Talks for summit delegates with some of the most interesting people on the planet including: An entrepreneur building public space travel to the Moon, the daughter of world-renowned spiritualist Deepak Chopra, writer and director of The Last Ship with STING, a music industry and cultural prophet and the genius behind and co-founder of GLOBAL CITIZEN.

  • Talks will run in a breakout room near the main stage during the course of the summit.

  • You will be able to ask questions and engage the speaker.

SCHEDULE  (Subject to Change)


  • 12:30 PM - Lorne Campbell - From the U.K. (writer / director, The LAST SHIP with STING)

  • 1:00 PM - Simon Moss - From NYC (co-founder GLOBAL CITIZEN)

  • 1:30 PM - Mallika Chopra - From California (author, public speaker) 

  • 2:30 PM - Naveen Jain - From Seattle (founder, MOON EXPRESS and Viome)

  • 3:30  PM - Bob Lefsetz - From L.A. (Music Industry Guru)