The new Dnext Podcast is a MASTER CLASS series and speaks to leading thinkers from around Canada and the planet to reimagine Durham Region's future in the brave new worlds of tech, politics, business and social innovation.  

Episode 2: Catherine Tait, CBC

Episode 3: Morgan Elliott, on Huawei

Episode 4: Marc Emery, Cannabis

Episode 5: Robert Billot, Dark Waters

Episode 6: Vinnie Chieco, iPod

Episode 7: Richard Syrett, Conspiracy Show

Episode 8: Naveen Jain, MOON Express

Episode 9: Alan Frew

Episode 10: The APPLE Revolution

Episode 11: Vivian Curl, Local Charity

Episode 12: Robert Furse, Digi-money.

Episode 13: Mike Wekerle

Episode 14: Hugh Segal, on Politics

Episode 15: Ryan Smolkin 

Episode 16: Steve Paikin, The Agenda

Episode 17: Bob Guccione Jr., Publisher

Episode 18: Les Stroud, Survivorman