Mike Wekerle

Michael Wekerle is a Canadian merchant banker and television personality, best known for being an investor on the Canadian reality show Dragons' Den for three years first appearing in the ninth season.

Wekerle's recent venture is the El Mocambo, a legendary Toronto venue that is transforming the world and music business.

Episode Overview:

Owner of the world renowned El Mocambo venue and Dragons Den phenom Mike Wekerle gives us a 30-minutes look into his life and business ventures that could come straight from a movie. Like a true innovator, he’s adapted quickly to creating new business strategies that need to take place to create revenue during the pandemic and gives us insight into his experience. With the importance of connecting now and especially in the future, he shines a light on what’s to come for the one-of-a-kind venue and the industries he partners with. The TV sensation shares his tips for entrepreneurs to succeed in every industry, how to keep pushing forward from the start of each day and some of the greats who inspired him. With hosting some of the most famous names in the music industry, Mike Wekerle continues to uphold the historic El Mocambo and creates another great name in Canadian business.


Key Topics:

  • History of the El Mocambo 

  • Altering business for COVID-19 

  • Business capital 

  • Mindset for success 

Mike Wekerle