Jarrod Moses


Jarrod Moses is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of United Entertainment Group (UEG). ... Moses' groundbreaking work has earned him many industry awards including: Emmys, Platinum Records, Cannes Lions, and Effies. Jarrod has been featured in The New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and AdAge.

Edelman Studios

Jarrod Moses

Episode Overview:

In a 30-minute conversation, Eleman Studio creator, Jarrod Moses, speaks about the rise of the media industry, the new global content tool, and creating meaningful connections with consumers. The media phenom shares his expertise on using specific platforms to engage and impact your audience with a large company, individual, or brand. He dives deeper into the new communication hub of Edelman Studios with its three key benefits of building the delivery mechanism, creating content, and running real-time ROIS all to benefit both consumer and brand. In the fast-paced world, Moss encourages us to keep up with the evolving environment of tech while keeping a close eye on the changes in human behaviour to enhance customer’s lives. 


Key Topics:

  • Audible and visual platforms 

  • Brand and consumer benefits 

  • Connecting with consumers

  • Post-COVID-19 travel, hospitality & sporting industries in the digital space