Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is well known to many for her trailblazing work as a spokesperson for people with autism and her lifelong work with animal behavior. Dr. Grandin has been with Colorado State University (CSU) for over 25 years. Grandin has been referred to as the "most famous person working at CSU" by her peers.

Her life’s work has been to understand her own autistic mind, and to share that knowledge with the world, aiding in the treatment of individuals with the condition. Her understanding of the human mind has aided her in her work with animal behavior, and she is one of the most respected experts in both autism and animal behavior in the world.  You can watch her TED Talk here.

Episode Overview: 

In an under 30-minute conversation Dr. Temple Grandin provides an insight to autism and innovation and with such a broad spectrum, encourages us to look at what these individuals can do over their diagnosis. Temple educates us on the three types of thinkers: visual, math, and words, that when focused on can help individuals focus on their strengths rather than the label. While looking back on some of the great autistic minds that have shaped us today, she notifies us of the changes that can still be made to provide better accessibility for everyone in the community. Dr. Grandin believes that we don’t all think the same way and highlights the possibilities that come with using each other’s strengths and different minds to work together. 

Key Topics: 

  • Autism and innovation

  • Looking past the diagnosis

  • Focusing on unique strengths 

  • Types of thinkers with visuals, math, and words 

Temple Grandin