Andy Hertzfeld

Andy Hertzfeld was one of the first programmers that Jobs recruited on the Mac team. A self-titled 'software wizard', Hertzfeld played a critical role in the designing of the Mac OS and especially the Finder. He left Apple in 1986. However, he is most famous for his website and his book Revolution in the Valley, which explain the making the Macintosh trough a myriad of stories and anecdotes. Hertzfeld remained a friend of Steve Jobs, albeit a distant one, until his death. 

Together with Bill Atkinson and Marc Porat, he founded General Magic, a company that developed a new kind of handheld communications device they called a personal intelligent communicator, which was a PDA precursor that stressed communications leading to today's iPhones, iPods, and the mobile revolution.

Episode Overview:

Andy Hertzfeld, one of Mac’s first programmers sits down in a 30-minute conversation to go over the legacy that’s captivated the world, how tech has changed since his start and what’s to come for the world of tech go-getters. He explains how it felt to work on the revolutionary Macbook with General Magic, what they would have done differently, and how he got to his next ventures, the IPhone, IPad and so much more. The Apple Genius speaks about the ups and downs of today’s technology as it continues to grow and enforces the importance of balancing privacy and everyday use. Andy provides a terrific insight into the community of tech and how creating software with importance, whether it be for the environment or creating vaccines, is what this industry is all about. 


Key Topics:

  • Origins of apple 

  • How to start a revolution

  • Old and new names in tech 

  • Collaboration and competition

Andy Hertzfeld, APPLE