Humble Howard

Humble Howard

Howard Glassman, commonly known as Humble Howard, is a Canadian radio and podcast industry expert, best known as co-host with Fred Patterson of the Humble & Fred morning show, which had been heard on Edge 102, Mojo 640 and Mix 99.9 in Toronto.

Humble & Fred is a Toronto-based Canadian radio show and podcast which has aired on a variety of Greater Toronto Area radio stations since 1989.


Episode Overview:

In 28 minutes, learn about podcasting, future, past and present from 10 year industry legend Humble Howard from the Humble and Fred show. When the world of podcasting was unsure, Howard one of the first to the mic which is what encouraged him to spread the message of staying true and authentic. He speaks on how the podcast platform creates a powerful place for intimacy with a micro-level of audience members that gives listeners the option to choose exactly what they want to listen to. Humble shares his knowledge on content creation and how one gets theirs to shine through. His entrepreneurial spirit still lives strong within him and continues to use the same skills he did back in the day like write copy, sales, and onboard clients. He talks about the Fred to his Humble, how to bounce back from getting hit off charts, and more. 


Key Topics:

  • Podcast benefits overview

  • What the audience wants

  • How he got started 

  • Creating creative content