Bob Bryden

The Spirit of Yorkville

Canadian songwriter, guitarist, and singer Bob Bryden began his professional music career some time in the early '60s. Over the next four decades he lent his impressive skills to a long line of different bands, appearing on numerous singles and albums with them. Other groups he worked with included the Outcasts, Benzene Jag, the Brick, Age of Mirrors, and the Christopher Columbus Discovery of New Lands Band. When Bryden formed new groups, he usually brought at least a couple of familiar faces along with him. During the latter part of the '70s and even into the early '80s, he tried a turn at a solo career that produced a few more albums.

Bob Bryden was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Working with the group Reign Ghost, he saw the release of his first album in 1968. He next recorded with a rock band called by the unlikely name of Christmas. In 1977, Bryden completed his debut solo offering, The Displaced Years. It was released by the Open Heart label and only on cassette. He spent a decade working with other bands before a sophomore solo album hit the market in 1987. Along the way, Bryden appeared on nearly two dozen albums, some reissued years after their original release date.

Bob Bryden