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As you know, last year in October we launched Dnext - a summit exploring the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in Durham Region.


With guests ranging from the CEO of Microsoft Canada, to Mike Downie of the Gord Downie / Chanie Wenjack Fund, to Ana Serrano, now President of OCADU, to intention guru Mallika Chopra, to LA music pundit Bob Lefsetz, to philanthropist Joan Walker, the event was a smashing success.


In partnership with Durham Region, one of the fastest growing economies in the province, Dnext put the spotlight on us, and is being nominated for a national award.


NOW in 2020, we pivot to the Dnext Podcast, featuring innovators and disruptors designed to inspire your life, your new idea, and your vision for what's next.


The Dnext Podcast will be MUST LISTEN content for ALL.


You just never know who will show up.


It is time to rebuild, rebound and renew.


Stay tuned for details and if you want to get involved and help shape the FUTURE of Durham Region, let me know.




Paul Koidis 


 This is Dnext. 


Leading thinkers from around Canada and the planet will gather - in person and  via video link- to reimagine Durham Region's future in the brave new worlds of tech, business and social innovation. And it will kick-start a new era - and the future of everything - in Ontario's new economic and innovation powerhouse.


"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation." -  Dean Kamen 


This is a Durham Region Economic Development initiative hosted at Ontario Tech University supported by community partners. 



Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe.

Philanthropists. Inventors. Rockstars. Journalists. CEOs. Social Impact Game Changers. Artists. Auto Execs. Music Industry Guru. Meditation Expert. STING's playwright. Nuclear Scientists. Dragon's Den Co-Creator. Aboriginal Rights Advocate. Host of the Munk Debates. TEDx Toronto co-founder. TV producers. Studio Execs. Politicians. International Developers. Academic Leaders. Brilliant Minds. 

Joan Walker 

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, broadcaster

Alan Frew 

Glass Tiger 

Kevin Peesker 

CEO, Microsoft Canada

Be Here.

As we plan for DNEXT2020, please send your new ideas of innovation, and new business topic podcasts at

Ontario Tech University (ACE)
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario

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